Mission Statement


SQRC strives to prevent and ameliorate air and water pollution through development of preferred processes, technology transfer, and education and outreach.

Recognizing that requirements for surface quality and other manufacturing applications are constantly becoming more stringent, processes which meet or exceed technical, ecological, and worker safety requirements will be developed. It is recognized that numerous manufacturing technologies have been developed, but have not been successfully or extensively adopted. To expand and expedite adoption of preferred processes, experiences and applications from differing technological fields will be surveyed and evaluated; and options for achieving appropriate surface quality will be presented to manufacturers. Development and technology transfer will be expedited by surveys among diverse manufacturing disciplines, both commercial and military. Such surveys will indicate where environmentally-preferred technology, already developed for one application, may be transferred to another.

To further expedite adoption and understanding of preferred processes, SQRC will provide educational and outreach programs geared to small to medium manufacturers and to communities. These programs will promote responsible management of manufacturing processes, including considerations of the global environment as well as worker and community safety. SQRC will act as a resource to communities, particularly those impacted by industry. Communities will be provided with basic technical understanding of manufacturing issues, enabling them to holistically and efficiently resolve community safety and environmental issues.